Alliance of two Clubs

After my adventure with Jeanne d’Arc of Rouen, Anne-Sophie wanted to recruit me to be part of his Junior D1 team during the 2007-2008 season. First of all, my mother and I talked about it with Valérie because she was my coach and by respect for her.

But I was tempted and I wanted to live this experience: it was decided that my skater license would stay at the Louviers club’s and I would do both Junior teams of both clubs.
However, after a month of training and traveling early Friday morning before classes to train, I made the decision to stop. I did not feel at my place and largely because they made me understand that i had nothing to do here. But also, I felt that I still had some progress to be able to skate with them and my lack of confidence in me does not help me in this situation.

Finally, Rouen team’s started the season in Division 2, before finishing in Division 1. Therefore and because my priority was my team from Louviers, it would have been impossible for me to participate in competitions with both teams for lack of time to change me but also certainly by ethical problem to compete in two different teams in the same category! In the end, the only competition I could have done was the French Championships.

Nevertheless, this agreement had to make reflect Anne-Sophie and Valerie. Especially since that same season, two skaters from Rouen, Camille and Maude had joined the Louviers team.

So at the end of the year, my mother received a call from Valérie : a project was being created with Anne-Sophie.
« Why not create a team that combines the best skaters of both clubs, and so enjoy having ice time in both rinks, to get on the path of selection at the World Junior Challenge Cup? In addition, our two teams have just won the French Championships. »

It was a unique opportunity for Rouen skaters, who grew up in the cradle of the French Cup and who dreamed of it since they saw their eldest participate in 2005 and 2006 at the World Junior Challenge Cup ; only for the skaters of Louviers, who dreamed of belonging to this world without being able to realize it for lack of hours of ice in their rink.
For me, it was really an exciting project, I was going to be able to skate with my friends from both clubs and that was a bit unexpected to be able to relive such an opportunity without making a choice between the two. On the other side, I dreaded a little bit because I had broken my commitment with the Junior team of Rouen, but I also know that the past season was beneficial for me: I had matured and I was ready to take up the challenge. t was about belonging to a team whose goal was to qualify to skate at the Junior World Challenge Cup: it was out of the question that I let myself be impressed.

I went to the auditions. And again, I was lucky to be selected.

A new door of my destiny had just opened without me realizing it. It was the beginning of a new adventure that will lead me later to new dreams.

In the meantime, on April 20, 2008, the day of the auditions, a team was born.

Jeanne d’Arc – MozaÏk of Rouen-Louviers.
2008 – 2009

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